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Justice Harley aka BXTCH (pronounced Butch) is a queer and non-binary Black boi
from Columbus, Ohio. They’re an organizer in the community, working toward Black
liberation and a socialist future. Their poetry is a medium through which they process
their personal experiences with trauma and oppression. Sharing their work is BXTCH’s way of sharing themself with the world-- a revolutionary act of vulnerability.


collections of original poetry and photography.





poems i wrote in the shower

i have some wounds that should have scarred


over a long time ago.


that are still scabs.


that still hurt and bleed when i pick at them.


i wonder if they will ever heal.


i wonder if i should keep covering them.


there are places in which


i can no longer differentiate


bandage from skin.


i fear what i will find underneath.


you are more than flesh



when their stares remind you,        



that you have a body                                      


try to forget                                                                       


forget that in some places                     


there is a thing called normal                


and in them,









you are not


round the block

occupation is

the helicopter

flying round the block

hunting for niggas


it's the pigs

in the paddy wagon

riding round the block

itching for the blood of niggas



it's the blood of niggas

that stain the streets

round the block


it's the undercover

on 17th

just waiting on a nigga

from round the block


it's the fear in niggas

getting pulled over

just for riding

round the block


occupation is

the heart of a nigga


then not beating

every day

round every block



i feel a poem coming​

i love easily
i meet them
and i see God in them all
they look me in the eye
and i feel the pierce of their gaze


like rays of sun tanning my chest

i fall in love
with the shake of their hand
over coffee
through the sharing of ideas
through the marching of our feet
hand in hand, through the streets


in love
in a packed room
of tender and passionate voices
arguing over strategy
with the common goal of our collective freedom


i love them all
i love you all
i will love you
and fall in love with you
until my last day


and my heart will break
every day we remain unfree


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